Exhibition curator Dr Shih-Mei Lee
August 2016
Location: Dok Artist Space, Edinburgh, Scotland

The title of the exhibition Paradise refers to our present earthly paradise, wonders of nature, fauna and flora, oceans, forests, wildlife which similarly to Christian Garden of Eden can be lost. This exhibition is a protest against climate change, rapidly increasing pollution, forever lost species of animal and plants. Call for nature and humanity coexistence in harmony. The artist will present abstract oil paintings and watercolors. Her abstracts focus on the essence, beauty of nature, the artist is capturing the subtle changes of weather and the elemental forces of nature, the dramatic, the cataclysmic factor, the tensions and vibration of landscape. Equally important as the motif is the process of creating, exploring the possibilities of color and light, spontaneous strokes of brush turned on the way in which oil paint, manipulated by a cunning hand, can be made to metamorphose into grass and trees, light, and air. A sensation of radiant energy and controlled frenzy.


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